Cancer Research Electronic Cigarettes

Cancer Research Electronic Cigarettes

The American Cancer Society Board of Directors approved the following position statement on electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in February 2018.

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A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing tobacco that is rolled into thin paper for smoking.Most cigarettes contain a "reconstituted tobacco" product known as "sheet", which consists of "recycled [tobacco] stems, stalks, scraps, collected dust, and floor sweepings", to which are added glue, chemicals and fillers; the product is then …

PHILADELPHIA — The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have outlined steps in a joint statement to guide policymakers as they work to minimize the potential negative consequences of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other …

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Washington State Law Electronic Cigarettes Apr 26, 2018  · A growing number of state and local governments have taken steps to regulate the sale, marketing and use of e-cigarettes to protect the health of users, reduce youth initiation to nicotine and tobacco products, and … Truth Behind Electronic Cigarettes The CATCH My Breath Youth E-cigarette Prevention Program’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge of E-cigarettes, nicotine

Read the key facts about smoking and cancer risk, and find the supporting evidence from academic research and scientific studies to see why we say what we do.

Cancer Research UK study shows vaping is far safer than smokingRecommendations for the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes – Regulating Electronic Cigarettes and other ENDS Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), which are capable of delivering a nicotine solution in aerosolized form, have been suggested as potential tobacco cessation interventions and safer alternatives to cigarettes.