Side Effects Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes

Side Effects Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes

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Some e-cigarettes are made to look like traditional cigarettes. Other devices such as tank systems do not look like cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco. Instead, they have cartridges filled with nicotine and other chemicals. The liquid chemicals turn into a vapor or steam that a person inhales. E-cigarettes may contain harmful substances.

BBC - Trust Me I'm A Doctor - Are electronic cigarettes safe? (29/10/14)Vaping And Side Effects – – Information on possible side effects people could experience when making the switch from smoking cigarettes to … to have a side-effect free experience …

Data and statistical information on health effects of cigarette smoking.

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E-cigarettes are a popular new tobacco product that have still largely unknown public and individual health effects. … free had traceable … Smoking? Many e …

Some electronic cigarette juices have caramel and strawberry flavourings that may attract children into smoking. Nicotine. Health experts argue that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, the basic element found in cigarettes. In an electronic cigarette liquid nicotine is used. Nicotine is an alkaloid medicine that is harmful for humans.